BIM Strategy

Have you been asked for Revit Families of your products? Is your business capable of working to a BIM execution plan? BIM is the construction industry modernising and going digital, it is not a passing trend. All building assets, such as partitioning, lighting and furniture, can be translated to comply with industry standards. With our BIM strategy experience, we can help you become a market leader.



Investing in a BIM strategy is not something that appears overnight. It is likely your customers have been requesting files in certain formats or perhaps BIM is essential on a formal office tender. It is important to do your own research, understand your business requirements, and identify your customers’ expectations. This is an investment you should only need to do once, make sure it is sustainable for years to come.



You should not be too precious about who can view and use your files. The more accessible your files are, the healthier outcome of investment you will receive. Before proceeding with the files, you need to have a good idea of who will be using them. Do you export products outside of the UK? Files can be translated and exported into a standardised IFC file to accommodate worldwide use and avoid any language barriers.



The Level Of Detail (LOD) of your files may differ between products; furniture manufacturers will most likely require a high LOD, so the 3D models are an acute representation of the product, where as a low LOD can be used on products that are indicating the space something will take up, such as laboratory equipment. There is no defined definition of BIM, it is up to your business to adapt it to your own individual needs.



The information provided in your specification brochures is enough to complete the model, however, it is helpful to have a collection of images and a previous CAD file as a visual reference. The data will be sourced for you and a document sent for your approval. The structure of the file is very important, Revit Families are parametric which means if you have 10 options in one range, we could combine them into one family. As experienced space planners, we understand what makes a great working model.



With your investment into Revit Families and leap into the world of BIM, it is useful to understand the full potential of a BIM environment. Whether your aim is to create instant quotations, share and receive building models from contractors or update your design process to reduce human error and increase efficiency, we can support you at any stage of a project.



With our competitive pricing and impressive turnaround on modelling, it is no wonder our clients keep coming back! Has your product been altered and you need the Revit Family updating? Do you require some advice on working in a Common Data Environment? We pride ourselves on our reputation and work hard to give you the best possible service before, during and after the completion date.